Hello world! – Well my part of it at least.

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Hello world! – Well my part of it at least.

July 6, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Hello and welcome to my first post here on Tameside Power Washing….

As and when time permits I will try to post some of my power/jet washing/cleaning jobs.

As many of you will know I actually run this alongside my Handyman business but I realised than there are people that are just looking for this service alone and that is why I set up this dedicated page/site.

Don’t forget though that you will be booking through my main Tameside Handyman site so do not be surprised when you get directed to that site.

There are only so many pictures that people want to see of things being cleaned so I will update as and when I see fit.

Take care and see you on the clean side.

John Sweet

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